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Security documents

It is considered as any document that contains security measures to avoid the risk of falsification and facilitate its authentication, its main function is to protect the assets of a company or person

Security documents as a priority

High security measures

Our documents have security measures such as  security paper, fugitive inks, invisible inks, optically variable inks (OVI), magnetic inks (MICR), intaglio printing in high relief sensitive to touch (INTAGLIO) and more.

Design elements

We add design elements that contribute to the security of printed formats, as they are micro texts, guilloches, hidden images that together with digital elements, (IOT)and logical create more secure documents

Tinta invisible
Cheques litho formas


Through ANICHEVA and the ABM (Association of Banks of Mexico), we serve the largest banks in Mexico, along with our variable printing capabilities, certifications, measures, and techniques make them fraud proof.

Pasaporte Litho Formas

Identity documents

Being certified by ISO 14298 by INTERGRAF, as high security printers, we implement high security methods and techniques in our procedures and products. We produce identification documents, such as passports, booklets, notebooks and civil registry records.

Vales de despensa


We have a large capacity of variable printing certifies us as the main printers of vouchers that are used for pantry, gasoline, social programs, and food throughout the republic.

Documetación electoral

Electoral documentation

Our high security certifications allow us to participate in national and international tenders for the manufacture of several states of the republic, we provide to the electoral institutes with records, ballots and safer processes for their elections


Diplomas and certificates

Educational entities that seek to provide security in their diplomas and degrees, we manufacture and print measures that help authenticate and prevent counterfeiting

We print security for you and your customers

Shape your projects with secure documentation.

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