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Brief explanation of materials that we offer in a Smartcard

Smartcards are cards made of different materials, layers, overlays or combinations of them, at TG&S we have materials available for you to create a financial card (debit or credit), Smartcard, identification.

Plastic cards

  • PVC Cards (Polyvinyl Chloride)

It is the most economical material and it is a compound that is 100% PVC. They are ideal for identification, or the printing of cards with a shorter life, their personalization is recommended to be through sublimation because printers that require heat to transfer ink could affect the quality of the plastic and the printing .

  • PET (Polyethylene) Cards

They are usually cards with PVC and PET materials, this mixture is composed of 60% PVC and 40% PET, the above generates a flexible, heat-resistant material, ideal for thermal re-transfer printers or that use hot lamination methods .

  • Degradable and recycled plastics

PVC made of an additive film that makes it degradable, this additive accelerates the degradation of plastics with a high density of microbes such as those found in the soil.PVC

  • Re-grinded

It is PVC made from recycled plastic waste that is used as a raw material, this is how plastic is reused and 40% virgin material is added to maintain a optimalstructure in the material.

  • Cards with Biobased materials

Biobased materials are derived from organisms such as plants, such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose, the benefit of biobased materials is the saving of fossil resources for the creation of the polymer.


These cards are extremely strong but with little flexibility and are usually custom made from the factory due to the nature of the material. They are used by some brands to demonstrate a certain level of "Status".Clear examples of this are the Apple card and the metallic ones from American Express. Within these we have two options for you that you may require:

  • Hybrid metallic cards

This is a card made with overlays (the outer layers) of PVC, inside it has a metallic core to generate the weight, feel and sound of a metallic card.

  • Tarjetas Veneer

The Veneer is a metal alloy and can be customized by laser, in addition to allowing contactless payment without creating any kind of interference


Teslin is an extremely strong and flexible material, typically used for long-lasting IDs or cards, the substrate also enables amazing print quality

Do you have doubts about which material is the best for your card? tell us your ideas!

Contact us and give security to your future projects with Smartcards from TG&S

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